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Happy Turning Tuesday!

Usually, I try to post more amateur “turning” pics than professional ones that are sent to me or found on websites of zombie makeup. It’s fun to see how regular people use their imaginations and creative skills for Halloween or Zombie Walks, or whatever the occasion is that calls for some kind of undead look. Of course, the professional ones are really great to look at too; some of them are ridiculously awesome!

But this week, I would like to feature a very special person. He is a former Marine, my husband’s best friend for over 10 years now, and it just so happens that he is a professional makeup artist.

With lots of experience under his belt, Tony Grow has worked on several movies over the years as well as TV shows. He has graced the faces of up and coming actors and seasoned celebrities with his incredible creative abilities, transforming them into whatever they need to be for the role. While makeup is his forte, he also works behind the scenes with props, sculpting, special effects, and things of that nature. Some of these movies and television shows include Iron Man, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Slither, General Hospital, and Breaking Bad. 

I have had the wonderful opportunity of “turning” a few years ago…

That's me!

That’s me!

And this was applied with only a limited amount of his supplies (it was spontaneously done one night when we were hanging out).

So for this Turning Tuesday, I would like to post a couple of different “turning” pics done by the talented Mr. Tony Grow!

Walking Dead Promo Event 2010

Walking Dead Promo Event 2010


Zombie Priest from the movie The Visitors

Zombie Priest from the movie The Visitors

If you would like to learn more about Anthony Grow and his fabulous work, check out his IMDB!

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