Welcome Back Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Picks!

Yay! We are back to our Throwback Zombie Flick Picks!

And this week, the Zombie Flick Pick is…

28 days later

Believe it or not, I hadn’t seen this movie before the weekend of Halloween. It was playing nonstop on the movie channels, so I decided to watch. It was nice to see that Rose Byrne, Jeremy Renner, and and Idris Elba were in this film. For some reason, I was expecting unknowns, as well as the movie just not being as good as the first.

But I was pleasantly surprised! There was plenty of action, plenty of blood, and PLENTY of zombie fun! With the exception of a few “what the hell?!?” and “why the hell did he just do that!?!” moments, it definitely did feed my zombie need.

And I just have to make this side note: Imogen Poots, the actress who played Tammy, is a seriously gorgeous girl! I mean, come on…just look at her!

imogen poots

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