What’s Your Favorite Horror Movie??

I am so in love with the month of October!

All month long, I watch at least a horror movie a day. The movie channels are pretty good about giving a mix of different horror flicks. The Syfy channel has a great schedule as well, along with Netflix having their own Halloween Horror category.

Of course I watch all of the mainstream and well-known horror films like Halloween and Freddy, but believe it or not some of the ones that don’t make it to theater are worth watching.

After this month, I will continue on with my research for Throwback Thursday Zombie Flick Picks and indulge in some more zombie fun.

But for now, I would really love to know what your favorite horror movies are. I’m sure I haven’t seen them all, and I would like to maybe check them out!

So…tell me, what horror movie had you almost pee your pants?

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