Writers and Authors…What’s Your Secret?

How do you deal with writer’s block and procrastination. How do you stay on top of your writing? Do you have certain times of the day that you write? Sort of like a schedule? What gets you going? What do you consider to be an average time frame for finishing a novel?

So, I am working on the sequel to my debut novel “Turning Grace”. When I wrote the first one, it took me about a year and a half to complete it. I’m not sure if that is considered a long time for writing a book. The reason it took me that long was because I considered myself to be a fickle writer. I only wrote when I felt like it or when I felt inspired. Well, that might have even be an excuse for procrastination.

I took a little bit of time after publishing “Turning Grace” to promote the book and to kind of recharge my brain. My mind never steered away from writing; I continued to brainstorm and take notes on what would be in the sequel.

After my short break, I started up again. I told myself now that I was an author, I would take my writing more seriously and work on the second book more often…at least every other day. And at first it was great! Ideas were flowing, fingers were moving, and I was super excited about where my story was headed.

However…………….I have gotten into that mode again. The one where I mistake procrastination for “waiting to be inspired”. I thought maybe I was stuck. Maybe I’m experiencing writer’s block. But the ideas are still there. I still know what I want to say.

I am very aware that there is really no deadline for publishing novels when you are an indie author. Hell, Stephen King waited about eight years for the last “Dark Tower”!

I don’t want to set a deadline for myself. I believe that one of the reasons why I was able to write a decent story (this is totally my opinion) was because I only wrote when I felt like I had something really great. Even though it wasn’t very often, I was full of passion by the time I did sit down to write. I would allow all of the ideas to accumulate in my brain and wait until I just couldn’t anymore. Until my head was filled to the brim. And then BAM! I exploded on my keyboard.

So…if you are willing to spill the beans and share your secrets, please do! I would love to know what the writing process is for you all…and maybe even steal some of what you all do 😉


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