Writers and Authors…Where Is Your Favorite Place To Write?

As I sit in my favorite spot on the couch (which is imprinted with the outline of my butt) to write this post, I had a thought:

Should I try to actually sit at my desk in my office to write? That would be the logical thing to do, right? I could close the door, sit in an upright position with better posture, and concentrate on my work without any distractions.

However, every time that thought crosses my mind, I think meh…maybe not. I’m good where I am. Is it because I’m too lazy to move over there, about 10 steps away from where I am now? Or is it that it’s just so comfy on the couch?

I can lean back with my laptop on my lap (where else would it go) and just write. I can throw on my headphones for less distraction, no problem. And my legs are kicked up on the ottoman, so I don’t have to worry about good posture.

Or maybe it’s because my ideas flow better when I’m relaxed. Could sitting where I am sitting actually affect my thinking and creative processes?

Recently, I have been contemplating making a drive over to the coffee shop down the street to test out this theory. I have worked in my office before. It was when I was finishing my first novel, doing all the editing and proofing and needed the space for Post-its and notes and papers to spread out.

But I was thinking about possibly writing outside of my home and out in a different environment, which is something I have never done before. Being around other people while I am writing might actually be beneficial. I could study other people’s mannerisms for creating characters or get ideas for describing certain places in my book.

I know a coffee shop sounds so…cliche. And I don’t even drink coffee, so that would be interesting. I’d just go in to use their Wi-Fi. Okay, I could have a croissant. Oohh, that sounds really good right about now!

Anyway! This all leads me to a question that I would like to ask my fellow author and writer peeps –

Where do like to sit down and pour out all of those wonderful stories and brilliant ideas?

I might steal some of your places, so don’t be mad! 🙂

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