I'm an indie author. Born and raised in New Orleans. Happily married to a retired Marine who works with surgical robots. No kids. Got two spoiled bitches. I love them.

As the tagline states, I'm a writer, fighter, nerd. And I don't write romance novels.

Interesting Facts:

~ My books have won awards.

~ I lived in the desert for 4 years.

~ I have chronic autoimmune conditions.

~ My most favorite television anything is Lost.

My Books...

...are not for everyone. I don't like to write about happy things because happiness isn't always what life is about. There's heartache and sadness and unfair circumstances. Learning to accept who you are and living with what's been given to you.

I can't guarantee you'll like or dislike my books. I can only hope that you are, at the very least, entertained.

Happy Reading.

The Turning Series

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